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Driving Tips this Holiday Season

November 28, 2016 1:42 pm Published by Comments Off on Driving Tips this Holiday Season

The holiday season is certainly a most joyous time of year for everybody. It brings with it a tremendous blend of happiness and joy and certainly some levels of stress as well. It is important that drivers take all types of precautions when commuting back and forth from holiday locations and destinations with their families. There is nothing quite as important as the safety and well being of our families, all times of the years, and especially during the festive holiday seasons. At Rivergate Muffler and Complete Auto Repair we are all about our clients and certainly give grave attention... View Article

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These Car Repairs Are Best Left to the Professionals

August 12, 2016 12:38 am Published by Comments Off on These Car Repairs Are Best Left to the Professionals

If you are thinking about doing your own car repairs in an effort to slash your repair bills, more power to you. However, not ever repair issue that you may encounter with your vehicle is going to be one that you should handle yourself. Some car repairs are better off in the hands of your local Nashville mechanic. We know how important it is for your vehicle to be in great shape for the road. To help keep you from getting in over your head, here are a couple of car repairs that you should let your local auto mechanics... View Article

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Lowering Your Auto Repair Expenses

July 28, 2016 12:02 am Published by Comments Off on Lowering Your Auto Repair Expenses

One way that you can keep your auto repair expenses down is for you to keep meticulous track of your vehicle’s records and performance. Without them, you’ll be leaving your auto repair budget in the hands of someone else. Your vehicle has needs and maintenance requirements that should be fulfilled as often as needed. In addition to having your local Tennessee mechanic keep a log of all of your vehicle’s repairs, you should also keep a journal of them yourself. Here are some other things you should include: Track Your Fuel Expenses Every time you go to the gas station,... View Article


Check Your Ride Before You Hit the Road This Summer

July 15, 2016 12:59 am Published by Comments Off on Check Your Ride Before You Hit the Road This Summer

If you are getting ready to hit the road for some last minute traveling, then you better get your vehicle to the auto shop near you before you do so. The summer heat can be especially brutal on your car. And when you take into consideration that the road is full of dangers, it’s best for you to have a car that is in good working condition on your side. Do the Penny Tread Test Examine the treads on your tires and make sure that there is enough of them left. If you can stick a penny with President Lincoln’s... View Article


Summertime Car Troubles

July 1, 2016 1:54 am Published by Comments Off on Summertime Car Troubles

Summer is here and you may have already taken some time off work so you can hit the road. Before you get started on that road trip, have your car checked out by your local mechanic in Tennessee for the following repair concerns. Check the Battery and Electrical System Excessive engine and outdoor heat can cause the fluid inside of your vehicle’s battery to dry up and cause the battery to malfunction.  If there is an issue with your vehicle’s alternator or an electrical problem, it could also prematurely drain your battery and interfere with its ability to hold a... View Article