Auto Maintenance Services in Madison, TN

Auto MaintenanceEveryone knows that the best way to ensure a vehicle runs safely, properly and to extend its life is to commit to a habit of routine auto maintenance services. Your owner’s manual lists maintenance services, also referred to as scheduled maintenance, recommended to be performed at the 15,000 mile, 30,000 mile, 60,000 mile, and 90,000 mile marks. These auto maintenance services are based upon the manufacturer’s expectations regarding the wear and performance of the various components of your vehicle. Generally, a number of options are recommended based upon whether the vehicle is most often driven under normal or severe conditions, as this can dramatically impact the wear and performance of vehicle components.

Many people feel they need to take their vehicle to an expensive dealership for scheduled auto maintenance services in order to protect their warranty. Fortunately, this is not true. At Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on bringing you excellent automotive care at affordable prices for routine auto maintenance. Why pay astronomical dealership fees if you don’t have to? Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair can take care of all your routine auto maintenance, diagnostic and repair needs! To schedule an appointment for maintenance, timing belt replacement, or performance tuning the next time you’re in Madison or Nashville, TN, contact us and call (615) 851-2702.