July 15, 2020

"Great Customer Service, Very Informative, Professional."
July 8, 2020

"The secund time I have been to this place, great staff, and so friendly."
June 30, 2020

"Great communication, prompt service repairs, and fair pricing. What more could you ask for?"
June 23, 2020

"After previously been taken for a ride by two other shops I found a good one. I had a unique problem that four other local shops weren’t able to provide a solution. Micheal worked on the problem and communicated well. He was concerned after the install that the fix may not meet my needs. They did a great job. Happy client. Well visit them for future needs!"
June 23, 2020

Tune up?

"Great customer service. Thought I needed a tuneup. They checked it out & after a very short while they informed me that not only did I not need a tuneup but they checked several other things. I know NOTHING about cars so they could have easily told me that they did a tuneup & charged me for it. Mike is so friendly & professional. A great place & I will recommend to orhers"