September 29, 2021

"I called them because they worked on my car the last time. They told me exactly what was wrong with it and they fixed it. It’s hard to find a good mechanic and they are the best."
September 15, 2021

Highly Recommended!

"I was directed to them by my daughter and after reading all the wonderful reviews from Facebook! my car was taken in Monday night and Tuesday 9 am it was ready!! I had 3 issues going on. the Abs and traction light, a broken sway bar and wheel bearing issues.. They worked fast and got me back on the road! I feel I would have been charged double anywhere else! I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs car repairs!! Great doing business with you!"
September 2, 2021

"I dropped my car off to get looked at, as I knew I had an EVAP lease somewhere, but couldn’t find it. They diagnosed it, fixed it, and let my car sit in the lot as I was out of town for a few days. All at a very good price. Mike will make sure you get what you need done and in a timely fashion. Highly recommend these guys."
August 31, 2021

"quick service good work fair price"
August 31, 2021


"AMAZING! I commute everyday from oak grove Kentucky to Goodletsville TN for work. My car started acting up one day so I searched for close by shops. I BARELY made it to the shop before my car fully stopped working. Mike and Joe worked tirelessly on my vehicle. Several issues came up and one only Honda could fix. Upon the first half of repairs I tried to drive it to Honda and it broke down. Mike told me about the warranty that offered a tow service up to a certain price. I was freaking out and worried and mike made sure I was ok and found a ride home all the way to Clarksville. He also spoke to Honda for me and made sure I understood what was wrong or going on. Honda finished their portion and still my car was acting up. I took it back to Mike and joe and they didn't hesitate to look at it to find what's wrong. The part they fixed was defective and eventually replaced with a good part. This was a span of about 5-6 days and they never got sick of me. I refused to believe it was the shop because they had such amazing reviews!!! Turns out I was right it was not the shop it was the part. I could go on and on but their reviews and customer service speaks volumes. Thank you so much Mike and Joe! You are amazing and I will always bring my cars to you even though I live in Oak Grove."