March 24, 2020

Recent work

"First off I was told to bring my car here by a friend. Walking into this place I had no knowledge of anyone or anything that that they did here. Now once I walked in I was greeted with a smile and a “what can we do for you”. But not like I want your money more like what can we help you get done, which is great if you ask me. Then I proceeded to tell them I wanted to get an alignment. That was priced great by the way, I was talking to them about other things I needed to get done soon as well. I was informed that they could do that as well (brakes, and oil change). So I asked how much would all of it cost me, and when I was told the price I immediately asked well when can it be done. To my surprise it was available the next day. I dropped my suv off the next day and pow was done a couple hours after that. Got in and drove it home, the work was done fast the car was not left a mess from them, unlike places I’ve been before, and it was running and driving very well. I will not take my vehicles to anyone other than them from now on, I will highly recommend them to anyone who even mentions vehicle work needed. "
March 16, 2020

"My catalytic converter was making a lot of racket, but I drove it for a few days while I was trying to check on pricing to get it fixed. On my way home from work last Thursday, it suddenly lost power. I was only about 1 or 2 miles from Rivergate Muffler so I decided to try to make it to their shop. By the time I limped into their parking lot, I was only going about 5mph. I knew I had one converter that was bad, but Paul diagnosed that I had two bad ones. When he removed those, he could see a lot of debris had migrated into the large third converter and pretty much plugged it completely. I think most shops would have just said your third converter is shot and you have to buy another 1,000 converter. But Paul spent a lot of time cleaning that thing out and even took it to another shop that had a piece of equipment to blast out all the debris out of the honeycomb in that back converter. He really went the extra mile to save me a large expense. His price for the two new converters and cleaning out the third wasn't that much more than some had quoted me for one converter. Paul, the owner is a very fair and honest guy in my opinion."
March 16, 2020

Love this Company

"Every oil change I have been in and out. They are very helpful to all need and will point you in the right direction if they can't get it done there"
March 16, 2020

"Super honest guys and charge a reasonable price. Highly recommend!!"
March 10, 2020

"Paul is fantastic! Very professional and informative, his customer service is awesome!! Not to mention I was in and outbin 30 minutes, maybe less! I highly recommend them!"