September 14, 2017

"These guys are awesome! I had my Toyota sienna replaced spark plugs here and it was such a pleasant experience! You guys know how many items need to be replaced to do this job? Well, replacing the front three plugs could be just a breeze, you can finish it probably 20 minutes; but replacing the back three would be a totally different story! You need to remove the air filter, the exhaust manifold (also the engineer gaskets), and many small items like cables and hoses, especially the three brackets in the back, which may easily stop many heroes. Last time, it took me and my friend, two 6’ guy, almost one day to have the job done on his Sienna! However, this time I had this job done here at Rivergate muffler very quickly, with a really fare labor charge. They also help cleaned all parts under the hood! Well done, thank you! Yes, for sure will come back."
September 10, 2017

"Awesome, indeed! Knowledgeable, professional, and courteous."
August 14, 2017

"I've been there 4 times with 3 different vehicles and they took good care of me every single time .. Explained what was going to be done and wasn't pushy to get me to get other work. They always save money for me to repair my 4.3 Silverado and 2006 Monte Carlo ss ..The shop is totally clean and waiting room was nice. I will refer others here."
June 24, 2017

"Good service."
April 15, 2017

Friendly and professional staff

"These guys repaired my car for half of the estimation Firestone gave me. Quick, friendly and professional staff. A come back if needed, and high recommendation."