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Expert Advice for Common Car Repair Issues

March 25, 2016 10:31 am Published by

When your time and money are on the line, one of the first things to car repairs. Issues always seem to happen when you least expect them and even those issues may seem minor in comparison to all of your other concerns. However, failure to give your car repair issues the attention they deserve in a timely manner can result in you needing to car pool with a coworker or catch the bus. To prevent your car from driving you crazy and putting you in a financial bind, here are some things you can do. Minimize the need for frequent... View Article

Nashville Auto Repairs: Time to Get Started on Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

March 8, 2016 7:22 pm Published by

Spring is finally on its way. Although you may be anticipating finally being able to drive your car without any snow on the ground, that doesn’t mean you should begin to fall back on your car repairs and maintenance needs. The winter season can be unusually harsh on cars and chances are, there are some concerns that are plaguing your vehicle that you should have checked out. Instead of waiting until your vehicle overheats, fails to start or starts to exhibit the signs of some kind of mechanical failure, now is a good time for you to start asking where... View Article

Common Winter Car Concerns

February 24, 2016 12:50 pm Published by

The harsh winter weather is not as nice to your vehicle as you may think. The cold moths are when vehicles tend to break down the most. Regardless of how new or old your vehicle is, when the temperatures drop outside, the chances of your vehicle running right diminishes. If you don’t want to spend an insane amount of time fretting over what could be wrong with your car or searching for a mechanic near you in your time of need, here are some common winter car problems you need to be aware of. Starting Issues If your car fails... View Article

Signs Your Shocks and Struts Are Bad: Part 1

February 23, 2016 7:20 pm Published by

Unlike many auto parts, struts and shocks do not need to be replaced every so many miles, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t go bad. Your car’s shocks and struts are vital to its drivability. Each time you drive over a bump or dip in the road, your vehicle’s shocks and struts are the components that keep your vehicle from bouncing around and moving too much. It is imperative that you replace these components every so often to prevent complete mechanical failure. Knowing what symptoms are indicative that these components have worn out can help to keep you and... View Article

Signs of Muffler Failure

February 3, 2016 7:57 pm Published by

Taking the preventative road when it comes to your vehicle can help to keep it save drivable and much more affordable to maintain in the future. Waiting too long to have your muffler serviced when needed can result in higher repair costs and a much larger repair job from the muffler failure. Many drivers assume that if the problem doesn’t directly affect the way they drive their vehicle that there is nothing to worry about. That couldn’t further from the truth. Muffler issues can affect your vehicle in several ways. Here are some symptoms that indicate your car has a... View Article