DIY Carwash Hacks

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carwash hacks

If you are looking for some cheap, fun and weird ways to keep your car clean this summer, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a short list of carwash hacks that you can use to give your vehicle the shine it deserves.

DIY Carwash Hack for Dirty Windshield Wipers

One common reason your windshield may always seem to be dirty and streaked up is not keeping your wiper blades clean. One way you can keep them clean is with ammonia and water. Pour ¼ cup of ammonia into approximately a quart of water. Dip a soft cloth into the mixture, wring it out and use it to wipe both sides of your wiper blades. Dry both blades thoroughly before setting them back into their normal position. Avoid getting the solution on your vehicle’s exterior because it may damage the paint.

DIY Car Wash Hack for a Dirty Windshield

Tired of driving around with a dirty, bug smeared windshield? How about taking a can of cola and pouring it all over it. Keep the cola from touching your vehicle’s paint by covering it up with an absorbent cloth beforehand. The ingredients in cola and its fizziness help to remove streaks and smears from glass. Keep it from attracting dirt and bugs by spraying your windshield down with some fresh water before allowing it to dry afterwards.

Carwash Hack for Dull and Dirty Headlights

Have a pair of old stockings or pantyhose on hand? Check under your sink for a bottle of window cleaner to. You can use both of these items to polish your headlights. Spray your headlights with some window cleaner and scrub them with the pantyhose for a shine that blinds.

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