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The Importance of a Tune-Up

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If you’ve noticed your vehicle running a little rougher than usual or that your gas mileage is causing you to feel some pain at the pump, it may be time to bring your car in for a tune-up. This is a service that most vehicle manufacturers recommend every 30,0000 miles. No matter how much or little you drive, you should keep in mind that the actual frequency of tune-up intervals for your car may be different. Waiting until your vehicle has a serious problem before bringing it in for maintenance and repairs is a quick way to send it to an early grave. Here are a couple of reasons why your vehicle should have a tune-up regularly.

Air Filter Inspection

Your vehicle needs a certain amount of air to circulate within the engine. If the air filter is dirty and clogged, then your vehicle is slowly being suffocated, thus making it work much harder than it should. During a tune-up, your vehicle’s air filter will be inspected and replaced if necessary.


During a tune-up, all of your car’s fluids will be inspected for proper viscosity, composition, color, and smell. If any of them are low, they will be topped off.

Spark Plugs

Once the mechanic is under the hood, they will inspect and test your spark plugs. These little guys are so important. They are what help to start your engine each and every time you turn the key. If they are dirty or worn-out, they won’t be able to electrically generate the spark they need to ignite the combustion to start and keep your engine engaged. They also help to ensure your vehicle maintains a proper fuel to air mixture.

Keep in mind that every repair shop handles repairs and tune-ups differently. Some include a wide variety of routine checks and services in their tune-up process, others do not. At Rivergate Muffler Complete Auto Repair, we specialize in performing high quality vehicle repairs, maintenance, and services to keep any vehicle, regardless of make or model peak operating condition.

Not sure if your vehicle is due for a tune-up? Stop by 159 Gleaves St. Madison, TN 37115. Rivergate Muffler Complete Auto Repair is committed to restoring your vehicle to manufacturer specifications on all repairs so you can have the best diving experience possible.

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