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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss an Oil Change

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Rivergate Muffler LogoAs a vehicle owner or driver, it is vitally important for you to remember when to change your vehicle’s oil. Keeping up with routine maintenance should never be looked at as an inconvenience because those service repairs help to keep your car in good driving condition. Missing services like oil changes is a surefire way to send your engine to an early grave. If you are still not convinced or sure as to why you should get an oil change regularly, here are three reasons why you should never miss one.

Protects Engine

Oil helps to lubricate the internal components of the engine. When there is insufficient oil or the oil that is circulating within the engine is old, sludgy and broken down, it loses its viscosity, thus causing the amount of friction between the pistons to increase. When this happens, the engine parts will rub to together, increasing the likely hood of irreversible damage, leading to the destruction of the engine.

Prevents Sludge Buildup

As your car runs, air circulates from the environment to the inside of your vehicle, the amount of dust and dirt that gets into the oil increases. There are also small amounts of engine metal shavings and coolant collecting in the oil. Dirt, debris, shavings, and coolant contribute to sludge buildup, contaminating the oil inside of your vehicle.

Keeps the Right Amount of Oil in the Car

No matter how little or often you drive your car, the oil needs to be replaced and topped off to prevent serious damage to the engine. When regular oil change intervals are not maintained, the less oil there is in the vehicle to circulate. Oil can be lost by way of regular use, breakdown, and leaks. Driving around with little to no oil in the reservoir can result in the need for you to replace your vehicle’s engine far sooner than normally needed.

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