What Type of Catalytic Converter Protection Is Available

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The incidents of catalytic converter thefts soar to new heights throughout the country. The pandemic has left its effects behind in an uncertain economy, making the valuable auto part a desirable target for thieves. It’s also an exceptionally costly replacement part for owners.

More people are searching for more than the typical anti-theft best practices like parking in well-lit areas to deter thieves from striking their autos. The expense comes out of pocket for vehicle owners since insurance policies don’t cover cat theft

Consider a few clever strategies meant to turn the criminal away from your catalytic converter. Let’s review.

How Can You Protect Your Catalytic Converter From Thieves?

A catalytic converter is intended to sort of act as a filter for the exhaust system to decrease harsh emissions. 

All gas-powered autos have the component bolted to their underbelly. It contains metals comparable in value to gold, responsible for converting noxious exhaust into less harsh gasses. 

The monetary value is what makes the catalytic converter a prime target for thieves. Placement of the part offers easy access with fast and simple removal. 

Replacement for the owner, on the other hand, is quite costly, with the expense coming out of pocket as insurance makes no allowance for this theft. How can you protect yourself to avoid this expense? Let’s look at a few suggestions.

Customize your catalytic converter to deter the thief

One clever solution is to inscribe your license plate number on the part so it’s readily recognizable to the authorities. It would probably be tough to track down the criminal once the component was already removed from the vehicle. 

But the premise behind this idea is that the thief would see the etching and avoid what they deem a challenge in favor of an easier mark. That saves you from spending an excessive amount for a new catalytic converter with minimal effort in protecting the part.

Install an anti-theft device

An investment in an anti-theft device can prove costly, but the suggestion is that it is less expensive than replacing the actual catalytic converter if it were to be stolen. 

These are either cages or steel shields covering the part. These are available online for you to put on yourself, or you can have them done by a professional. 

In most cases, people let the pros do it since there’s little space to work with under the car, plus this is something you want to be done right and well the first time.

Final Thought

Stealing a catalytic converter isn’t about what the part is capable of. The thief is more concerned with what the component contains, a variety of valuable precious metals. 

These include palladium, platinum, and rhodium, all rated higher on the market than gold. Automakers incorporate precious metals to decrease emissions. 

A thief can spend as few as a couple of minutes stealing the part, while an owner can spend as much as $2500 replacing it.


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