What Is the Average Lifespan for a Car Battery?

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The battery of a car is an integral part of the operating system. Without it, your car is not going to start and is not going to keep running. The life span of each car battery is a bit different; knowing what factors affect the lifespan of a car battery can help you ensure your battery is going to last as long as possible to help protect your investment.

Average Battery Lifetime

The average lifespan of a car battery that has been well cared for is about three to four years. There are, of course, factors that affect a battery’s overall lifespan. One of the biggest factors that helps to determine the lifespan of a car battery is temperature. Your car battery can be affected if you live in an area where it is very cold or where it gets very hot. Newer batteries will be far more resistant to heat and cold than older batteries.

Another factor that can age your battery is that your battery is not charging properly when you drive. If your alternator is out of commission or is not working, it can make it so that your battery does not charge. Your car alternator charges the battery when you turn the car on and drive and when your alternator goes out or is damaged, it might not be charging your battery properly.

Very short drives can also drain your battery very quickly. Each time that your car starts, it takes a lot of battery power to start the car. When you take a longer drive, the alternator has time to recharge the battery from the drive and helps to ensure that your battery stays charged. You also need to take care of your battery connections, as corroded connections can make your battery wear out faster and not work well.

Should You Change Your Battery Over Three Years Old?

If your battery is three years old, that does not mean you have to run out and change it immediately. It does, however, mean that you need to take care and pay closer attention to your battery. If you have an older battery, it can still work well and be in good shape. If you have an older battery that has corroded connections, does not start your car on the first try, or does not seem to run your car, you should have it looked at and might need to have it replaced.  

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