What Is the upcoming “Brakes for Breasts” Promotion?

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Although breakthroughs in treatment and early detection of breast cancer have improved, the struggle still continues. One out of every eight women still develops the condition, and they need care and treatment to increase their survival chances. The Brakes for Breasts promotion is a program TechNet Professional developed to help these individuals and others who might be vulnerable to developing breast cancer in the future.

What Is the Brakes for Breasts Program?

The Brakes for Breasts program is a fundraising effort to produce financial backing for increased research and development to combat breast cancer. TechNet Professional is a Cleveland-based company that partnered with thousands of independent automotive repair shops to raise money for genetic breast cancer research and vaccination development. One hundred percent of the donations collected at these participating automotive shops go to the Cleveland-based Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.

How Does Brakes for Breasts Work?

The program has a simple process that begins on September 1 and ends at the end of October. Individuals interested in donating to this particular cause can visit one of the independently owned participating automotive shops to receive qualifying brake service. The shop will provide an incentive for donors that may include a rebate on their brake work. That’s it. Clients can participate in making breast cancer prevention and recovery more successful by visiting the shops. Furthermore, they can support their local automotive places by doing so.

How You Can Help

Do you want to get involved in the cause? You can help put the brakes on breast cancer by visiting a local automotive shop for your next brake job and donating while you’re there. You can sift through the list of shops enrolled in the program before you schedule your next appointment.

Don’t worry, however. You can still help, even if you don’t need any work done on your brakes. The way to do that is to visit the dedicated site and post your contribution now. You can choose from one of the many preselected donation amounts or choose a different amount to offer the program. One-time and recurring payment options are available. Additionally, you can select from a long list of payment options to donate. The organization accepts bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, credit card payments, etc.

If you are an automotive technician or field worker, you can help by donating or spreading awareness about the program. Let all your visitors know that they can contribute to this revolutionary cause. You can then be proud of yourself, knowing that you played your part in helping minimize breast cancer cases and increase survival rates. Many workers have already spread the word and have seen contributors respond effectively.

Breast cancer predictions are still high, according to the American Cancer Society. Their current predictions indicate that 40,000 new people may develop and die from cancer each year without improvements in diagnosis, prevention, and care.

Automotive shops are currently helping to cut down on breast cancer cases and make treatment easier in the future. The time is now to get involved in this fantastic program and help people all over the nation to stay healthy.

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