What Should I Do To Prepare for Winter Driving?

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It’s crucial to prepare for the severe winter before you begin driving. Preparing for winter driving requires limited measures that can potentially save you from risk. Don’t wait until the last minute. Here are a few tips on how to winterize my car for driving. 

Check Tire Treads

All tires go through a natural ware and tare. If the treads deplete, you will slide through the snow and ice on the roads. Test your treads at home or take the car into the shop. Determine if you need new tires before the winter months begin. 

Winter Tires

If you experience a lot of snowfall in your area, you may want to consider investing in snow tires. Snow tires are built and designed to perform well on snow and ice. They provide more traction than regular tires and could save you from an accident. 

Wiper Blades

There are wiper blades specifically designed for winter. Snow releases from winter blades faster than typical blades, preventing the edges from freezing to the car. Alternatively, the blades provide better visibility during snowy and rainy days. 

Survival Kit

One of the best products you can have in your car is a survival kit. Even if you are prepared for winter, your vehicle can still break down. A survival kit will help you deal with the elements. Here are some essentials your survival kit should contain:

  • Blankets, gloves, and beanies – When stranded in the winter, the most important thing is to stay warm. Although the car is a great shelter, it will get cold. Be sure to have a backup of blankets to keep you actively warm during low temperatures. 
  • Water – The second most important thing is to have water available. Pack a fair amount of water bottles for the average amount of people who typically ride in your car. Also, be sure to keep the bottles in a kit that prevents the water from freezing. 
  • Road Flares – If your car is broken down, you will want to warn others of your location. Road flares should be used around your vehicle when it is broken down. The visual flares help other motorists know that your car is not moving. Also, it prevents future accidents and gives plenty of time for people to move out of the way. 
  • Jumper Cables – If your car is broken down, hopefully, all you need is a little jump. A restart in the battery could get you to a safe place to call for further assistance. 

Be Cautious

Even though you are prepared for the winter, remember to be cautious. Driving in the winter is different from any other time. There are a lot of things that can go wrong while it snows. Stay safe and get yourself and your car ready, or bring it in to Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair and let us handle your seasonal auto maintenance services!  


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