What Should I Check During My Car Maintenance

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Spring is here, and you should consider taking your car for spring maintenance. There is a reason why April is designated National Car Care Month. Your vehicle was exposed to harsh weather, cold temperatures, and even some road salt during the cold season. Therefore, your car needs extra care as the warm weather arrives. Here’s our recommended spring car maintenance checklist to ensure you don’t need to come in for desperate vehicle repair!

1. Oil and Oil Filter Change

Undertaking regular oil changes is vital in maintaining your car engine’s health. Motor oil is a lubricant and cooler for the engine, and it also works to remove impurities from your car’s engine. However, you should know that your engine oil becomes less effective at performing its functions as it ages. This is why frequent oil changes are necessary. As spring sets in, you should schedule an oil and oil filter change. This will allow your engine to function at its optimal capacity throughout the season.

2. Test Your Car Battery’s Health

Batteries don’t work well under freezing temperatures, and your car battery could be on its deathbed after winter. The low winter temperatures could have made your car battery work harder than it was designed to, thus, slowing its chemical reactions. As the warm season sets in, your car battery might not be able to hold up its peak performance. This is why you need to test your car battery’s health. If you find its health to have badly deteriorated, you should replace it before it’s too late.

3. Tire Tread and Pressure

The tires are your car’s contact points to the ground, and any problem with them means that you might have difficulty controlling its traction on the road. After the cold season, you must check your car’s tire tread pressure. Make sure that the treads have not been excessively worn out. If they are overly worn out, you should replace them. Moreover, ensure that the tire pressure matches the recommended levels stated in your car’s manual.

4. Wiper Blades and Wiper Fluid

During the cold season, your wiper blades worked hard to clear snow and ice from your windshield. As a result, they are likely worn out. As the warm season starts, you should consider replacing them. In addition to this, you should refill your wiper fluids.

5. Headlights and Taillights

The harsh winter conditions might have made your car’s headlights and taillights dirty. Thus, you might find yourself having difficulties driving in the dark. As spring sets in, you should get your car’s headlights and taillights restored and replace the bulbs.

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