What Is a Blend Door Actuator, and How Do I Know if I Need One?

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Temperature control in your car’s cabin has made traveling long distances much more comfortable. Regardless of the weather outside your car, you and your passengers can ride in a room temperature environment.

Your car’s blend door actuator is what makes it all possible. It controls not only the temperature in your car’s cabin but the airflow as well. If you ever have problems with this small device, you’ll want to search for auto electrical services.

This article will discuss what a blend door actuator is and some signs you need a new one.

What is a blend door actuator?

The blend door actuator in your car is actually a miniature HVAC motor that works in concert with your car’s temperature sensors to operate its climate control system. Any time you turn the dial to send out warm or cool air, the signal passes through the blend door actuator.

The actuator itself regulates where the air is going to come from. It could either come from the floor vents, the vents up near the dashboard or the defrosting vents.

Newer vehicles that have separate front and back climate control systems actually have two blend door actuators: one for the front of the vehicle and one for the back. This allows for better, individualized climate control for the passengers.

Signs of a failing blend door actuator

Now that you know what a blend door actuator is, here are some signs that you might need a mechanic for some auto electrical services:

  • Clicking noise: If changing the car’s temperature causes a repetitive clicking noise that won’t stop, then you may need a new blend door actuator. The sound will typically emanate from underneath the dashboard.
  • Knocking sound: This is one of the more unusual symptoms of a faulty blend door actuator; it will sound as though someone is knocking on your door. If you hear it, you’ll notice it most right after you start the vehicle.
  • Erratically changing temperature: Your car’s temperature should stay at whatever you set it to. If you find that your car’s temperature is inconsistent or is alternately blowing hot and cold air without you turning the dial, then you may need a new blend door actuator.
  • Unpredictable flow of air: Not only should the temperature of the air stay the same, but it should also come out of the specified vents too. If your car’s air is being diverted without your input and it’s coming out of different vents sporadically, the blend door actuator is likely the culprit.
  • Incorrect temperature: This is one of the more common symptoms of a defective blend door actuator. If your car’s temperature won’t heat up when you want it to, the air conditioning won’t expel cool air or it will only get so hot or so cold, then it’s probably the blend door actuator.

Call for a new blend door actuator today

If you need a new blend door actuator for your vehicle, then you’ll need auto electrical services. For that and more, call us at Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair. We’ve been in business for nearly four decades, and our auto experts will make sure you and your family can drive in comfort this winter while you get where you want to go.

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