Why It Makes Sense to Replace Your Suspect Battery Before Winter Hits

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As you may know, extreme temperatures can affect your vehicle’s battery. If you’ve been seeing symptoms that your battery’s condition is worsening, it may be worth replacing your battery before winter hits, rather than chancing it. After all, the last thing you want is for your battery to die while you’re driving on the highway on a below-zero winter day.

The next time you head to the shop for professional auto repair services—or even just an oil change—have them check out the condition of your battery and determine whether it will make it through the winter.

Now that mild weather is here, this is the perfect time for you to perform battery maintenance in anticipation of the freezing cold. Here are a few tips from our auto repair shop to get you ready for the season:

  • Test or replace: As mentioned, now is the best time for you to test your battery and make sure it is still up to par. If there is any sign the battery is struggling now, it’s better to pay for the replacement before it dies on you than to wait for it to inevitably fail during the winter.
  • Check the battery’s physical condition: In addition to checking the battery’s capabilities and operating condition, you should also assess its physical condition. Cold weather is hard on batteries and can result in corrosion buildup. Carefully analyze the battery; remove any debris; and perform rust-removal actions as needed. A battery that is kept clean and corrosion free is less likely to die on you during the winter.
  • Check the connections: All connections on the battery should also be kept clean and tight. When dealing with those connections, make sure you follow all appropriate safety precautions to avoid potential safety hazards. If you notice any signs of corrosion, you should use a stiff wire brush to remove it. If any of the connections are loose, tighten them to prevent excessive vibration, which can be both a source of annoyance and a potential cause of damage to the system.
  • Prepare for winter: Aside from these various checks and inspections, there are also some proactive measures you can take to prepare your battery for the winter. You can have your electrical system tested (including the battery and alternator) to make sure you’re ready to go for the season. A voltmeter on the battery should read at least 12.4 volts to indicate good battery heath. Use a battery charger or maintainer to keep the battery fully charged throughout the winter—this is especially important if you frequently do short drives of around a mile or less.

You can get high-quality battery maintenance from an auto repair shop—and don’t forget to check to see if their auto repair services include battery replacement.

To schedule your next vehicle inspection or to inquire about battery care before the winter weather hits, contact us at Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair. We look forward to assisting you with all your car battery and auto repair needs.

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