Why Are Ceramic Brake Pads Preferred Over the Less-Expensive Semi-Metallic Pads?

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When it comes to brake pads, the old adage often rings true: you get what you pay for. While semi-metallic pads may seem more economical, ceramic brake pads are often preferred by auto maintenance service providers in Nashville, TN.

Of course, there are reasons one type costs more than the other, and each type can be more suitable for certain applications. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two and why your local mechanic might choose one over the other when performing auto repairs.

Different materials

As one can surmise from the names of the brake pads, the main difference between semi-metallic pads and ceramic brake pads is the materials from which they are constructed. Each type of material has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of ceramic brake pads

  • Noise reduction: Ceramic brake pads are typically quieter than semi-metallic brake pads.
  • Quick recovery: These types of brake pads usually handle higher temperatures well, recovering quickly, which results in less damage to the rotors.
  • Minimal debris: Over time, brake pads wear down. Ceramic pads leave less debris on the vehicle’s wheels because they produce a finer dust than semi-metallic ones.
  • Longevity: When it comes to lifespan, ceramic brake pads offer greater longevity than semi-metallic pads. Because they require less frequent replacement, their cost may not be higher than that of semi-metallic pads when you consider expenses over the long term.

Advantages of semi-metallic brake pads

  • Performance: When using vehicles designed for performance, such as towing, semi-metallic brakes are often the preferred choice. This is because the pads deliver quality braking in a broader range of applications.
  • Flexibility: These pads are good for a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The material also conducts heat well, so they are good at withstanding high temperatures.

Which is right for your vehicle?

It’s important to note that not every vehicle is compatible with semi-metallic pads or with ceramic brake pads. Vehicle owners must research the make and model of their car to determine which kind should be used for their brake system. For optimal results, consult with an auto maintenance service in Nashville, TN to confirm which pads would be best for your vehicle.

Who should you contact?

Look for an auto repair service provider that offers experience with brake pads and has knowledge of the various types available. Find a shop that has an established track record of success in the industry, so you can rest assured you will receive reliable, high-quality service.

Learn more

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