Learning About How Your Car’s AC Works and Its Common Failure Points

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No one likes dealing with air conditioning problems in their vehicle. Whether your car’s AC system isn’t cooling anymore or, even worse, blowing hot air instead of cold, it can make driving in warm weather very unpleasant. Before you take your car to your trusted auto repair shop in Madison, TN, get familiar with how your car’s AC works by examining common pain points with the system.

AC refrigerant leak

A car’s air conditioning system uses refrigerant to cool air before it flows into the cabin of your vehicle. The fluid is designed to vaporize at a low temperature to cool the air, and the air conditioning system really can’t function without it. If you’re noticing that the vents are blowing air that’s not as cold as it should be, it could be the result of a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant leaks can be caused by faulty components in the air conditioning system, including the compressor, evaporator or hoses. These parts also have rubber gaskets that wear out over time, so it might not be a problem with the component itself, but with the rubber seal instead. Your local auto repair shop in Madison, TN can discover the cause of the problem if you suspect a refrigerant leak and repair or replace parts when necessary.

Electrical issues

The climate control system or AC/heater control module in your car is attached to a computer that tells the heating or cooling system to turn on or off. If the module or supporting parts (including the wiring) break down or fail, the system will perform inconsistently or stop working altogether. It takes a trained technician to diagnose and treat this type of repair, so head to your nearest qualified mechanic to get it handled.

Compressor problems

A car’s AC system can’t work without a functioning compressor. The compressor pushes refrigerant through the system, cooling the air before it flows through the vents. In some cases, the entire compressor will need to be replaced, but sometimes all it takes is a new compressor belt or a repair of the electrical circuit.

Airflow issues

If you’re noticing that no air is coming through the vents at all when your air conditioning is on, it could be a problem with the blower motor. Essentially, the blower motor powers a fan that blows air through the vents, and it can stop working for several reasons. It takes a professional technician to solve this problem.

If you drive a newer vehicle, lack of airflow could be caused by problems with the electrically controlled “door” that blocks or allows the air to reach the vents. When the motor for the door isn’t working correctly, it can keep the door closed and prevent air from flowing. An electrical diagnostic check should be performed by a licensed technician to determine if this is the cause of the problem.

A working air conditioning system is crucial to staying comfortable in your vehicle during warm weather. If your AC system is performing inconsistently or not at all, don’t wait to visit a reputable auto repair shop in Madison, TN to get it fixed. Contact Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair to learn more about diagnosing and repairing common AC system problems.

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