What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

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Many drivers don’t know that a catalytic converter is essential for proper performance of their car. A failed or damaged catalytic converter has major impacts on a vehicle—in some cases, it can even cause your car to stall on the road as you’re driving. Read on to learn about the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter that let you know when it’s time to visit your local mechanic for an emissions check in Madison, TN.

Increased emissions

One of the most significant symptoms of failing catalytic converters is increased carbon emissions from a car’s exhaust. A faulty converter won’t reduce emissions, and you’ll notice a rotten egg, sulfurous smell coming from the exhaust. If the problem is bad enough, you might even smell it as you’re driving the car. In this case, you’re most likely dealing with a clogged catalytic converter, and it needs to be repaired or replaced before it does damage to the entire exhaust system.

Reduced acceleration

Noticing your car losing power when you’re going uphill or accelerating? The most likely cause of the problem isn’t your engine—it’s actually a clogged catalytic converter. An easy way to check the status of your exhaust is to grab a buddy and check the air coming from your tailpipe. Put your hand near the tailpipe while they hold down the accelerator (while the car is in park, of course). If you feel hot air coming from the exhaust, the catalytic converter is clogged. Head to your local expert in emissions in Madison, TN to handle this problem.

Uneven engine performance

One of the more obvious symptoms of a catalytic converter problem is degraded performance from your engine. When this component fails, it creates backpressure that reduces the engine’s performance. You’ll notice your car shaking often and, in some cases, the engine will stall as you’re driving. Don’t wait to have a technician take a look and diagnose the issue.

Misfiring engine

If you’re experiencing engine misfires, it’s a sure sign that your catalytic converter is damaged or has failed completely. Misfires are caused by incomplete combustion within the engine’s cylinder, which means the catalytic converter isn’t working effectively. Engine misfires can have damaging long-term effects. Contact your mechanic at the first sign of this issue to avoid costly problems down the road.

The check engine light turns on

When a catalytic converter goes bad, the check engine light on your dash will light up. Air-fuel ratio sensors monitor gas levels in your exhaust, which are caused by problems with the catalytic converter. Take your car to a reliable mechanic immediately to diagnose the issue. Even if it’s not a catalytic converter problem, an illuminated check engine light can be caused by a serious underlying issue.

Reducing emissions in Madison, TN is essential for the health of the environment and the health of your vehicle, too. If you notice any of the symptoms described above, visit your local exhaust professionals immediately. Contact Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair today to check the condition of your catalytic converter.

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