Everything You Need to Know About Coolant Thermostats

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Car PartsRegardless of its make or model, every component of your vehicle must work in harmony to get you from point A to point B. One of these components that can’t be overlooked is the coolant thermostat.

The coolant thermostat is a key part of the engine cooling system. It is responsible for monitoring the engine’s coolant system and regulating the flow of coolant through the radiator. Continue reading to learn more about coolant thermostats and coolant thermostat repair in Madison, TN.

How does a coolant thermostat work?

The coolant thermostat begins in a closed position when you first start up your engine. In this closed position, it blocks the flow of coolant to the engine. As the engine warms up and needs coolant, the thermostat will slowly begin to open. Once the engine temperature reads approximately 200 degrees, the thermostat will be all the way open, allowing the coolant to flow freely through the radiator.

When the coolant thermostat is functioning as it should, the engine is allowed to warm up as fast as possible. This reduces engine wear and deposits and prevents the engine from releasing excess emissions.

What are common problems with thermostats?

There are two main problems with coolant thermostats: they can be stuck in the open position or in the closed position. The engine receives a constant flow of coolant when the thermostat is stuck open. Adding coolant when it’s not needed leads to poor engine performance and greater wear and tear.

If the thermostat is stuck closed, meanwhile, the engine won’t receive any coolant. And without coolant, your engine will quickly overheat and break down. It’s crucial that you stop driving as soon as you notice your engine beginning to overheat.

What are some signs of failure?

Coolant thermostat repair in Madison, TN is fairly inexpensive, but you need to know some of the signs that the component is on its way out. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Engine overheating: Something’s clearly amiss if the temperature gauge is in the red or your engine is overheating within a few minutes of starting your car. A likely cause of this issue is that the thermostat is stuck in the closed position.
  • Temperature fluctuations: Rapid engine temperature fluctuations—as indicated by the temperature gauge—can lead to sudden engine failure or poor performance. When the temperature quickly goes from hot to cold or vice versa, the coolant thermostat needs to be replaced.
  • Coolant leaks: A green puddle under your car is always cause for concern. While it could indicate other problems within your vehicle’s coolant system, a leak might mean trouble with the thermostat. Bring your car to a mechanic for further examination.

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