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Do Winter Engine Warmups Help?

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During the winter months, car problems become more and more common. Extreme weather causes hazardous road conditions and excessive wear, tear and stress on engines that increases the likelihood of breakdowns, accidents and other issues. With that in mind, drivers should do everything possible to keep cars in good operational condition during the winter months. A lot of drivers try to avoid winter car troubles by letting their engines warm up in the mornings, but does your car really need to heat up before driving in Madison, TN? Read on to find out more.

Winter warmups

Lots of people idle their cars before driving in the winter in an attempt to warm the engine up. It’s commonly believed that warming up an engine before driving will reduce strain on the engine in extremely cold weather. While it’s true that it takes longer for engines to warm up to the appropriate temperature during the wintertime, the idea that engine warm ups are necessary for optimal operation is a myth. In fact, idling a car for several minutes can actually have a lot of negative effects, like fuel waste. Even idling for a short period of time leads to costly reductions in fuel efficiency and spikes in greenhouse gas emissions.

Numerous studies show that idling significantly contributes to overall greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, if drivers simply stopped idling vehicles during the winter, consumers would collectively save nearly $6 billion on wasted fuel. While every individual winter startup only contributes to a small amount of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel waste, the costs quickly add up. Because idling vehicles has no notable benefit for engine performance and has significant negative effects when it comes to fuel waste and emissions, it’s best to avoid winter warmups entirely.

Combating winter driving myths

The idea that it’s necessary to let your car idle before driving it during the winter is a very common misconception among drivers, and there are a lot of other winter motor myths in Madison, TN. A lot of myths about winter car care and maintenance seem reasonable at face value, so it can be challenging to figure out what’s true and what’s false. To feel confident that your car is well taken care of at any time of year, work with a professional mechanic for advice and service recommendations. They can answer all of your questions about winter car care and dispel common car myths.

Servicing your car for the winter

To find out the truth about the most common winter motor myths in Madison, TN, reach out to Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair. Since 1982, we have been providing car owners with expert recommendations and professional services to ensure that vehicles of all makes and models are kept in great shape. We know how harsh winter weather can be on vehicles, and we can help you prepare for everything the season has in store. No matter what your auto repair needs may entail this winter, we are here to help. Give us a call or stop by for an appointment with our team.

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