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Why You Should Avoid Using Stop Leak

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When it comes to car repairs, many myths circulate the industry. Consumers are faced with an onslaught of myths and mysteries that lead them to poor car maintenance decisions. What is truth and what is just plain bad advice? Your auto repair shop in Madison, TN is here to help.

One of the most common mistakes vehicle owners make is to turn to Stop Leak. They discover a puddle under their parked car, panic and try to make a fast repair with this product. Here’s the scoop on why this is a bad decision and what alternative maintenance method you should use.

What It Is

Stop Leak is a concentrate designed to stop leaks in cooling systems. Makers of these products offer them to provide vehicle owners with a simple fix for minor leaks. It’s supposed to work with all types of antifreeze and water.

What the Problem Is

While manufacturers may tout the benefits of Stop Leak, we recommend never introducing this product into your cooling system. Over time, it can cause clogs in the cooling system. You may end up with a problem that is worse than the small leak with which you started. Rather than a minor leak that could have been repaired by an auto repair shop in Madison, TN, your entire coolant system may become clogged and damaged beyond repair, causing the need for replacement.

Another problem is the quality of the product. Not all products are created equal. As with most consumer items, there are good and bad ones on the market. Using a poor-quality Stop Leak substance can lead to bad results for your vehicle.

Yet another challenge of using these products is the current condition of your vehicle. Those who do recommend Stop Leak admit it should only be used in a clean environment. Is your car’s coolant system completely clean? If it were, you probably wouldn’t be experiencing issues in the first place. Adding this product to a system that is already partially obstructed will only make matters worse.

What the Solution Is

Rather than add insult to injury when your car’s coolant system is struggling, contact your local auto repair shop in Madison, TN. Proper repairs are the only good answer to leaks. Don’t delay this necessary maintenance. A certified mechanic can perform a thorough inspection of your system to determine the problem. Then, the technician can make repairs that will ensure your system is restored to optimal functioning—without further damage. Attempts to avoid repairs while the problem is small typically lead to major repairs that could have been avoided.

Where the Answer Is

Do you have questions about radiator leaks and Stop Leak products? Your local experts at Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair have answers. As a premier auto repair shop in Madison, TN, we employ certified mechanics who offer great repairs on engines, cooling systems, transmissions, electrical systems, and more. Feel free to reach out to our experienced professionals for tips on car maintenance and repairs. Contact our team today for better vehicle performance tomorrow.

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