Transmission Problems That Can’t Be Ignored

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Is your vehicle making strange noises or shifting oddly? If so, there could be an issue with your transmission! Without a doubt, ignoring transmission problems can lead to costly automotive repairs in Madison, TN. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Dashboard warning light on: We’ve all experienced the “check engine” icon lighting up on the dashboard panel. When it comes on, sometimes you take your car to the shop for an inspection… and sometimes you ignore it. Keep in mind that this light may be sensing unusual activity from the transmission, problems that go unnoticed by you. So, get your car serviced if the check engine light comes on and stays on.
  • Transmission slips: A car that shifts for no apparent reason and starts making a whining noise could indicate that you have problems with a slipping transmission. Watch for delays when accelerating and RPM readings above 3,500, as these are signs of a transmission slip. The cause? It could be due to low transmission fluid or worn transmission bands or gears.
  • Rough shifts: Your car’s transmission should shift smoothly and with ease, so be wary if your car is refusing to change gears in its normal fashion. If rough shifts are occurring, you can feel or hear a very obvious “thud” or “clunk” sound when the vehicle shifts gears. You might also have difficulty getting up to speed.
  • Delayed response: If you notice a delayed response in acceleration or movement from your vehicle, this could be a transmission issue. You may notice a delay even before you engage the car into drive and start moving. Shifting out of park and into drive may yield a long pause and the car will rev the engine as you press the gas petal. However, the vehicle won’t move forward as it should.
  • Unusual noises: All vehicles will make strange sounds from time to time, but some will do it sooner than others. While some car problems present so subtly that only a trained auto mechanic can pick out the sound and identify the problem, that is not the case with transmission noises. Whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission giving you trouble, you will know it. You may hear a buzzing, whining or humming noise, which may be coming from your transmission.
  • Transmission fluid leak: The thing about transmissions is that they are sealed units, and as such, they should never leak. You might notice fluid spots under your car, especially after using your air conditioner on a hot summer day. AC fluid drops are normal, but transmission fluid leaks are not, and should be addressed as soon as possible. You’ll know you have a transmission leak when you notice a bright or dark red spot on the ground beneath your car. To see the color more clearly, lay down a piece of cardboard directly on top of the existing spot and check it for dark spots later.

If you notice any of these signs of a transmission problem, don’t wait to call Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair for professional automotive repairs in Madison, TN!

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