Five of the Most Important Parts of Your Vehicle

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Cars, trucks, SUVs, semis and other types of vehicles are mechanical beasts. They have many intricate internal moving parts that work hard on the inside so they can move you to wherever it is you need to go. But what are some of the most important parts of your vehicle? Let’s see what a professional auto mechanic in Madison, TN has to say about the following five car parts:

  • Engine: All cars have an engine. The fact is, the engine is the key to your car’s performance and getting you from point A to point B. Without an engine, your car cannot function as a vehicle should. It would just be a giant piece of metal sitting on the ground! Engines are the part of your vehicle that converts fuel into motion, which is how your car is able to power on and move. Taking care of the engine ensures you experience fewer mechanical problems and that the vehicle will last you a long time.
  • Engine air filter: The engine air filter filters dirt and debris from the air that passes through the engine. Clogged air filters can be detrimental to your car’s function, so replace it before it gets caked in gunk. However, many drivers are not aware that they have to change their car’s engine air filter on occasion. Your mechanic might change it for you during an oil change or routine service, and the only way you’ll know is if they tell you or you read the work order.
  • Transmission: The transmission is the part of your vehicle that changes the gear of the engine. It transfers the engine’s power to the wheels, which moves the car forward at various speeds. When you have transmission trouble, you may notice a whining, humming or buzzing noise, a lack of response during acceleration, dark fluid on the ground beneath the vehicle, rough shifting, transmission slips or that the “check engine” light has illuminated.
  • Suspension: Your car’s suspension is the system keeping the car body connected to the wheels. It is an intricate system designed to keep the vehicle in control and provide a smooth ride. Suspension increases the friction between the tires and the surface of the road. This means you get steering stability and good handling. Your passengers also benefit from a healthy suspension system, in that their ride is also comfortable no matter the current road conditions.
  • Alternator: An engine that is working properly has an alternator that is working well. It’s the alternator’s job to transport energy to the engine when energy is needed. The biggest indicator of alternator trouble is that the engine will not turn on. If the alternator is broken, you may start noticing issues with other parts of your vehicle.

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