Avoid Air Conditioning Problems by Understanding Your Car’s AC

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Driving during the summer can be a fun experience, and if you’re planning a lot of outdoor recreation activities during the warm weather, it’s likely that you’ll be hitting the road quite a bit. Unfortunately, getting from point A to point B during the summer can be miserable if your air conditioner isn’t working well. Don’t suffer through extreme heat while you’re driving—instead, consider some of the most common problems with auto AC systems so that you know how to address them and get your system working and efficiently and effectively as possible:

  • Odd smells: When you turn on your AC, you don’t want to be bombarded with unpleasant odors. These smells are usually caused by an accumulation of dirt, debris and bacteria in your AC system that develops over several months of limited use. Not only does this make your car smell funky, it can also cause contamination of the air in your car and may cause you to get sick or experience respiratory irritation. You can usually remedy this issue by flushing your system and clearing out debris from the components.
  • Mechanical malfunctions: There are a number of different mechanical components in your AC system that can become damaged or lose their effectiveness over time. Your compressor is the primary component that you need to keep an eye on, since there are so many little issues that can arise with this part. Getting a regular inspection from a mechanic is the best way to catch small compressor problems before they develop into larger issues that require costly auto repair in Madison, TN.
  • Air obstructions: If the condenser is covered by leaves, dirt and debris, it won’t be able to effectively cool the air in your car. Make sure to flush your system to clear debris that is obstructing airflow from your condenser. If your condenser is older, it might be worth it to replace the part to improve the overall function and efficiency of your AC system.
  • Insufficient refrigerant: Your refrigerant is essential to the function of your AC system. Even if you regularly top off this fluid, you might still have an ineffective AC system because of a leak somewhere in a hose. Make sure to look for signs of leaks and get hoses replaced as necessary.

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