The Benefits of Using an Independent Repair Shop Rather Than the Dealership

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If you purchased your vehicle from a dealership, there’s a good chance you have some sort of repair or maintenance package in place that allows you to get your tune-ups and other repairs performed either for free or for a lower price for a certain amount of time after your purchase. Obviously, this is a benefit you’re going to want to take advantage of for as long as you can.

But once the time runs out on that service package, you should seriously consider whether going to the dealership for repairs and general maintenance is actually in your best interest. For many people, using an independent repair shop for your vehicle maintenance will give you better results while also helping you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Here are just a few benefits of going to an independent auto repair shop in Madison, TN after your warranty or your free service package runs out at your dealership:

  • Experience: Unfortunately, many dealership garages are packed with mechanics who are younger and have significantly less experience. All mechanics need to start somewhere, of course, and dealerships often serve as an entryway into the business for mechanics looking to begin a long career. But if you’re looking for professionals with lots of certifications and experience in working with vehicles of all types, you’re much more likely to find them at independent auto shops than at dealerships.
  • Knowledge: Because independent shops tend to have mechanics with much more experience than those you’ll find at dealerships, you can also trust that they will have a greater depth of knowledge of a wider variety of vehicles, as well as various maintenance and repair tasks. This is because they work on cars of all types, not just the makes and models that are sold by your specific dealer. This means a respected independent mechanic will be able to identify the problem with your vehicle faster, and quickly find and employ the best method to fix it.
  • Personal: Local independent repair shops are able to provide much more personal, individualized services than dealerships, which provide their services to significantly more customers every day. You can actually form a relationship with the mechanics at an independent repair shop, which can help a lot to build trust and also help you feel much more comfortable leaving your car with them. Many people who work with independent mechanics find one they like and stick with them for decades.
  • Flexibility: Because independent repair shops are smaller and more personal, there’s also a lot more flexibility with their services. If you need to adjust your pickup or drop-off schedules, for example, an independent mechanic is much more likely to work with you. You’ll also find it much easier to reach an actual person when calling in to the shop, rather than being routed through a bunch of different machines and answering systems.

For more information about the benefits of an independent auto repair shop in Madison, TN, contact us today.

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