How to Prep Your Car for the Summer Heat

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The summer heat can take a toll on a vehicle. Right before summer starts is the best time to check it for any issues. Routine maintenance from an auto repair shop in Madison, TN can keep your car running smoothly and keep you from experiencing any expensive breakdowns in the heat. Here are some of the important car parts you should check before summer:

  • Air conditioning: Cars can get dangerously hot in high temperatures. After being out of use for the winter, make sure to test your air conditioner. Drive around with the air on and see if the air is cool enough. If it’s not, take it in for a checkup. A visit to your auto repair shop in Madison, TN can get the air conditioner in peak condition and keep it from breaking down during heavy use.
  • Cooling system: At the same time, the car needs to be kept cool as well. Overheating is one of the top causes for breakdowns in the summer. On average, the cooling system should be flushed and refilled every 24 months. During an appointment at an auto repair shop in Madison, TN, technicians will check the car’s hoses and belts for any problems. Any issues there can cause the car to overheat and can be avoided with proper maintenance. The best time to make this check is right before summer starts.
  • Filters: Proper airflow can make all the difference for a vehicle. A clogged air filter can reduce fuel efficiency. There’s also oil and fuel filters to consider. These filters help keep a car running smoothly. They can all be handled by technicians during routine auto maintenance.
  • Oil: Oil may be the most important part of keeping a car running at peak condition. A car is much more likely to break down in a severe way if its oil isn’t changed regularly. Owner’s manuals have the number of miles a car can go between oil changes. On average it’s about 7,500 miles. More people drive in the summer, putting a higher strain on the engine, and requiring an oil change a little earlier. When checking the oil, it should be brownish-yellow and look clean, not gunky.
  • Tires: With the changing of the seasons comes changing tires. Seasonal tires, like winter tires, need to be changed as summer approaches. Tire pressure is also an important concern. Temperature changes from night to day during the summer can affect the tire pressure. Under- or overinflated tires can affect tread life and fuel efficiency. Tires should also be rotated every 5,000 miles or so. A certified auto technician can easily check tires for any problems.

Routine auto maintenance is an important part of keeping vehicles safe on the road, and Rivergate Muffler & Auto Repair knows a thing or two about performance. With more than 35 years of service, we’re committed to providing the best in complete auto repair. We have highly certified mechanics at our auto repair shop in Madison, TN who can clean and repair a vehicle’s air conditioning and cooling system to make sure it’s running at peak proficiency. Give us a call or go online to set up an appointment.

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