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Car Noises You Want to Pay Attention To

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All vehicles make noises. Surely some of the noises require little to no attention at all, from tire treads that hum, to little plastic bits in the dashboard that generate little squeaks, but indeed there are some noises that absolute need attention. Humming treads and squeaky dashboards are hardly even noticeable and indeed are harmless, but surely there are some car noises that simply should just not be ignored.

Noises that generate banging, clicking, screeching and even thumping sounds are noises that require attention right from the start. These types of sounds will typically become louder and more noticeable when you press on your brake pedal, step on your accelerator, or even when you turn the steering wheel sharply and usually indicate that there is some type of potentially costly problem that exists.

If you happen to hear any of these sounds and notice that they are becoming a regular presence each day when driving, then the time is now to take appropriate action. We here at Rivergate Muffler and Complete Auto Repair are here to provide all our clients with services needed and to offer insight into what potential problems are lurking within. Often drivers think that if they ignore the sound and wait it out, that the problem will take care of itself. This could not be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is that the longer you ignore an unusually loud noise being generated by your vehicle the greater the chances of the problem getting worse, and ultimately resulting in a much bigger and far more expensive repair in time.

Common Noises to be on the Look Out For

The friendly and professional staff here at Rivergate Muffler and Complete Auto Repair offer this list of potentially problematic noises you may hear in your vehicle and an explanation as to what may be causing these annoying noises.

  • Unusual sounds whenever you are turning a corner or taking a turn – These sounds are typically related to your steering linkage and more often than not will require additional lubrication to resolve it and in some cases may indicate damage to the steering which may require replacement.
  • A clunking sound when you step on the brakes – This usually means that one of your calipers or other brake hardware is either damaged, not mounted properly or is missing altogether.
  • A sizzling sound from under the hood – If you hear this sound when the engine is first turned off, then something is leaking. Perhaps coolant or oil is leaking onto your heated engine or a vacuum line is leaking. In addition, this sound is an indication that the engine could be overheating as well.
  • A rattling sound from underneath the vehicle – This usually means that you have a loose exhaust system or even loose brake pads.
  • A light humming from under the vehicle – This sound can be a number of things. To start with, your differential may need lubricating, your transmission can be failing, you could have universal joints that are starting to wear out or even a wheel bearing that is completely shot.
  • A loud banging sound – If the loud sound seems to be coming from your tailpipe, then it can be a backfire, resulting from an air fuel mixture that is too rich or it could be from a catalytic converter that is not operating properly.
  • A scraping sound when applying your brakes – This usually indicates that bare metal is rubbing against bare metal and that your brake pads are completely shot which will ultimately damage your rotors as well if they are not replaced immediately.

These are some of the more common noises you may hear from your vehicle. If these noises are present typically it is an indication that some type of an issue or problem is present or is brewing. We here at Rivergate Muffler and Complete Auto Repair are committed and dedicated to all our clients. We are here to provide you with all your automotive needs and look forward to every opportunity to serve you. Our team of technicians can get to the bottom of those annoying noises and provide services needed to get you and your vehicle back on the road again.

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