Vehicle Suspension Maintenance in Madison, TN

The suspension system of your vehicle is responsible for the quality of the ride you and your passengers experience. It connects the wheels and controls the handling of your vehicle, absorbing the impact of every pothole, bump or road debris, so you can maintain control. Without properly functioning suspension, your ability to steer, stop and stabilize your vehicle are in jeopardy.

A suspension system is comprised of many joints and pivot points that allow the wheels to move up, down and around as needed through inconsistencies in the road as you drive and steer. over bumps and to turn as you steer. These parts such as ball joints, the control arm bushing, tie rod ends, the pitman and idler arms, will naturally wear out over time. When the handling and steering of your vehicle develops a loose feel (also called “play”), sometimes accompanied by an unusual noise, this is often the case. Continued driving with a suspension system in need of service will cause uneven wear to your tires, and speed wear of other components as well.

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