Is It Credible When Your Repair Shop Is Voted Best Repair Shop in Your Area?

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If you are looking for a reputable repair shop online through searches, you may want to keep in mind that just because a car repair shop got voted "Best Repair Shop in Madison for the 3rd out of the last 4 years," doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best.

Vague Terms Mean Vague Results

When you hear a term like "best," there is no way to prove this term is correct. "Best" is a word that comes from someone’s opinion, not from solid facts or evidence. What is "best" for one customer or circumstance may not be "best" for someone else.

An interesting thing about the internet is that you cannot prove that a shop is the "best" from positive reviews (though they help) any more than you can prove they are the worst. But there are a few factors that can help.

When People Give Bad Reviews

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that people tend to leave reviews more often if they are upset and displeased with the service than if they were happy. There is perhaps a desire to express their dismay at a job done badly more than to brag on a business that does well. So beware if you happen upon information that shows repair shops rank 16th on the Better Business Bureau’s list of companies that get complaints. 

Information that ends up on the BBB’s "most unwanted" list is probably a good indication that you should not do business with them.

With all reviews and ratings, always keep these things in mind:

  • Consider who is doing the rating. The BBB is an accredited association that makes sure businesses are maintaining quality and customer service. "Joe Smith" is not, unless you know he is credible and honest.
  • What do they have to gain from the review? Do you get a sense the review is honest, or are they out for revenge from a different offense, perhaps a personal one? Most people tell the truth in reviews, but not all.
  • Regarding positive reviews like "Best Repair Shop in Madison for the 3rd out of the last 4 years," who made that judgment? Is it a local newspaper that was proud of its town, or is it a legitimate award given by the Chamber of Commerce?

Always consider the source when evaluating reviews before trusting them to lead you to the right one.

Other Tips on How to Find the Best Car Repair Business

  • Check certifications and licensing. Does the business have certified mechanics? That is a plus for the business if they do because there are certain standards they are required to follow that others do not.
  • Give the shop a trial run. Try them out with some smaller jobs and see how they handle that first. 
  • Ask about guarantees and warranties. If they mess up, can you get it fixed with a warranty? What assurances do you have they won’t make your problem worse? Ask for proof of their excellence before giving them a standing ovation for their ‘award.’


When searching for the best car repair shop, don’t watch ads. Watch reviews, but vet the reviews so you know what you’re reading are actual customer reviews and not 45 of the shop’s best buddies dropping by to help them out!

Ask for recommendations from others you trust. Then give the shop a call. How do they handle customer care? If they are rude or don’t listen, move on. You need mechanics who are not only certified mechanics but ones who understand that the customer is their most important asset for future business. 

Remember the rule: 

  • When you do a good job, customers talk.
  • When you do a bad job, customers REALLY talk!

Do your research, and you’ll thank us in the end!




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